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BeschreibungThe train-routing calculator library - runtime
Archiv/RepositoryOffizielles Debian Archiv squeeze (contrib)
Installierte Größe184 Byte
Hängt ab vonlibc6 (>= 2.7-1)
Empfohlene Pakete
PaketbetreuerMasayuki Hatta (mhatta)
Paketgröße53966 Byte
Prüfsumme MD53a9d20eb775430c1628446d127aaa6a2
Prüfsumme SHA170540aead47fa71809bae5744cf8128ef145d12c
Prüfsumme SHA25647e732b1b19f78ba56fbe0f33cf5cf2af98ab66adfe7b413b9794638eda401fd
Link zum Herunterladenlibtrain1_0.9b-11_i386.deb
Ausführliche Beschreibunglibtrain is a library for calculating the shortest route from a train station to another in consideration of time and distance. It tells you which line you should take and where you should transfer at. . Note that this is a *library*, so you have to get interface programs using libtrain(gtktrain is recommended) to actually use it. . To use this software, you'll need to get the train schedule data separately and install it by yourself. See README.Debian for more detail. . This package contains the shared library and configuration files needed to run programs using libtrain.

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